What Does The IPhone 6 Have To Do With Real Estate Agents

Dated: 08/28/2014

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The iPhone 6 doesn't exactly have a direct correlation with Real Estate Agents.  But with all of the recent discussion around the upcoming launch of the new iPhone 6, there is much hype around rumors of the new super slim design, the sapphire glass screen, the larger display, the improved image quality and clarity, the Quantum Dot technology and much more.  For us avid iPhone users, this is exciting news and we can’t wait to get our hands on the newest, latest and greatest iPhone next month. 

My own personal excitement around the iPhone 6 has somehow led me to think about technology in the Real Estate Agent industry. It was not that many years ago, I remember riding around town looking at houses with my Realtor.  It could take days to compile a list of homes to tour based on my criteria and a few more days to call for scheduling and confirmation of showing appointments.  When that part was done, she would hand me a binder full of listing sheets with pens and highlighters for making notes. While on showings if we were lost, we would have to pull over to pull out the big Mapsco for directions.  She would always have a handy 4MP digital camera so we could take pictures.  After finding the perfect house, it could take days to get all the forms typed up, signed, negotiated, counter signed, amended, etc.
In this modern day with the technology of smart phones, tablets and cutting-edge software, Realtor Estate Agents have much more efficient and effective ways to search and produce results instantly into a customer portal accessible on any device or browser, to make notes on the screen of our devices, to schedule showings in an app, to navigate while on the go, to take pictures or videos, to unlock the lock box with an eKey from our device, and finally to write a contract and get digital signatures in the blink of an eye.  The technology and functionality behind the tools available to Real Estate Agents today, help us to serve our clients in a more highly effective and efficient manner than ever in this high-demand fast-paced market. And that gets me excited, like the iPhone 6, when I know I can serve my clients in a way that over delivers every time!

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